Content Kings: Blog posts versus infographics

Content is king – we all know that. Sites with a lack of substance don’t go anywhere, even if they are squeaky clean. That’s why blogging is a fundamental part of consistent and successful site maintenance. However, with social platforms making visual media even more popular, quality visual content can add some much-needed shareability to your brand.

With some studies showing that 90% of our retained memory is visual, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing visual content rise sharply in popularity. One thing’s for sure: long, drawn-out blog posts are a thing of the past. Spending time, energy and resources producing long-form content no longer cuts it in the wild west of the internet. Infographics can present that same information in a more succinct form, with more variety, energy and shareability. The impact of this vibrancy can’t be understated.

You don’t have to take our word for it though. In a study conducted in 2016, data scientists at Contently found that infographics reached 55% more users than regular blog posts. Put simply, infographics are more engaging, energetic and attention-grabbing than your traditional blog content.

Even more interesting is that those same data scientists discovered that a huge percentage of the traffic from infographics originated on another page of the company’s website. This suggests that users are receptive to infographics when already engaged with the brand. Again, the viral nature of infographics can have a profound effect on your brand’s internal structure.
Social media is another area where infographics dominate. With infographics being easily shareable, your brand name can spread through social channels much quicker than links to blogs. They also provide excellent visual social content for your own brand accounts.

Despite all this, creating infographics can take up a bit of time. Briefing your ideas into an illustrator or designer takes patience and practice, especially if the results aren’t up to scratch. It’s important to reach a high level of quality with visual content and it may take a bit of time to nail a consistent but satisfactory theme. In contrast, blog posts are much simpler to write. In a tight, long-form structure, it can be easier to form deeper connections with your audience and trigger emotion.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to find the perfect balance. Mixing up your content is a vital part of any brand’s online presence. However, while many companies focus solely on long-form blog content, infographics could be your secret weapon.

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