Digital Paradise: The Best Ways to Make Working From Home More Efficient

While the phrase ‘the new normal’ has already become a cliche, the reality is that this year has changed the way we work forever. If you haven’t already digitised your business we’d say it’s a great idea to get on it now. Even if you are going back to the office soon, streamlining all of your practices can give your productivity a huge boost. Embracing the modern age is the progressive and correct way to think and that’s why we’ve gathered some ideas together to help you make that shift.

Use Google Sheets

This is a big one. If you’re already working from home, you’ve probably been making use of Google Sheets for the last few months. It’s a great way to share and store all of your files, while also allowing multiple people to edit. Even if you lose some of your data, Sheets keeps a backup that will let you revert any changes.

Agility and efficiency are the name of the game with Google Sheets. If you haven’t made the most of this software you should definitely consider it.


If you’ve used Dropbox before you’ll know how much of a lifesaver it is. If you want to share video, music files or basic jpegs, dropbox is the application for you. You can do away with tools like WeTransfer and WTP because Dropbox is ideal for sending large files, even to people who don’t have an account. Secure, fast and reliable, Dropbox truly optimises file sharing.

Digitalise HR

When you’re looking to digitalise, there’s no avenue of your business you should be overlooking. A digital human resources department, such as BreathHR, is perfect for keeping all of your employee info in one place. Organising all of your reports and documents is also miles easier, with the app containing a performance hub that allows for objectives and goal setting.


Team camaraderie is essential whether you’re in the office or not. Making this more efficient can be obtained by using the very best communication tools out there. Slack, for instance, is fantastic for collaborating with team members and swapping ideas. Slack also lets you send DMs and files from anywhere in the world to a single employee or group. The bonus? High quality and simple video calling as well as accessibility with DropBox and Google Drive.

It really has been a difficult year for businesses large and small, but taking on board some of the digitalisation that has come from this period into the office is vital. Keep the momentum going and make the most of your time spent working from home!

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