Discovering Diamonds: Unearthing Hidden Brand Ambassador Gems

If you think all the options for marketing your brand by making somebody a brand ambassador have already been taken, think again. The good thing about social media is that accounts are constantly growing in follower numbers.

What this means for your brand is that you could partner up with an emerging influencer to become a brand ambassador before they reach many followers, but how is this done? Bark Social is here to help.

Ways to Find Hidden Brand Ambassador Gems

The key to finding a new, up-and-coming brand ambassador that would suit your company ideally is research. Without prior research, you might find that the person you’ve agreed to use as a brand ambassador doesn’t get the results you desire.

Firstly, assess the number of followers somebody has and compare this to your budget to determine how much you can compensate them depending on their demands.

Next, you need to understand what type of followers they have. Knowing the demographics of their followers is crucial to understanding whether it’s worthwhile to partner with them; you can use the marketing framework ‘Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning’ to help you with this to pinpoint the type of follower a person has, hone in which section of that follower base you are looking to reach, and setting your guidelines for the ambassador to post your brand accordingly.

Remember that a brand ambassador doesn’t necessarily have to be an influencer, even if they tend to be. A brand ambassador could also be somebody with a small number of followers actively trying to increase awareness of your product on other channels rather than social media.

Tips to Find a Hidden Brand Ambassador Gem

    1. Refine your social media search – Your brand will have its style and look, so your brand ambassador must create content that aligns with that somehow. Don’t use just anybody with a broad audience to partner. Instead, inspect what kind of output they produce and whether it matches your aesthetic.
    2. Find who’s already using your brand – If somebody is tagging your account on their posts or stories regularly or replying to your output, they are likely to want to partner with you. Depending on the quality of their production and audience reach, using them as a brand ambassador could be worthwhile. You could even promote the fact you’re seeking an ambassador to harness the interest data.
    3. Spread your search across platforms – Instagram is great and can help you promote your product on a large scale. However, there are so many other channels you can use. For example, to reach a younger demographic, consider TikTok, or for professionals, maybe you could utilise LinkedIn. It is vital to know whether to look for a brand ambassador and how they will post depending on the platform.


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