Don’t Flog a Dead Blog: How to create a successful blogger ambassador programme

There are influencers out there holding your audience and you’ve got to find them. We all know that’s the main aim of a successful ambassador programme. An important part of outreach has and will always be the ability to connect with the right kind of bloggers. Coming to an agreement to collaborate with a blogger brings with it plenty of advocacy, traffic and brand awareness. Uncovering and connecting your brand with the most appropriate bloggers will build a higher level of trust and allow it to spread freely throughout the wider community. Sound interesting? Of course, it does – here’s how you get a successful blogger ambassador programme over the line.

A match made in heaven

Doing your research and finding the right kind of niche to fit your brand is always going to be the foundation of a successful campaign. Always remember that focusing on those with larger follower counts and low numbers of engagement won’t be fruitful. We suggest aligning your sights onto micro-influencers – these guys may have smaller amounts of followers, but their engagement can be really high.

They normally have a strong connection with their audience and fully understand what it is they would be into. Make sure you find micro-influencers with a genuine passion for the brand because that authenticity will wear off on their audience. Ultimately, micro-influencers are a lot cheaper and can be contacted on a much larger scale.

Set out your aims

If you don’t understand or even have a core message, you’re failing before you’ve even started. Always ensure that you fully understand your goals and where you want your brand to be. Without these fundamental elements, finding the right blogger will be near-impossible. The next reason why this is so important is the brief you hand to your ambassadors. Building up fluid communication between the two of you is important. If you can describe your goals easily, you’re onto a winner.


Organisation is key when it comes to building an ambassador programme. Ensure that your structure is planned out far into the future right from the beginning. Coming up with a distinct code of conduct will give your ambassadors some help with understanding what your brand is about and what your goals are. Keep your ambassadors up-to-date with where you want to promote and where you don’t want to promote. Remember, the goal should always be focused towards authenticity.

Looking to the future

Ambassador programmes should never be one-offs. Your goal here is to build up a rapport with an influencer and grow success for both you and them. That means things have got to be exciting and engaging, with the aim to create a unique online community. Sugar your ambassadors up with exclusive access to certain events or special rewards for continued success. You could even have a whole page of the site dedicated to them. At the end of the day, both parties are winning in the relationship.

Blogger outreach should never be overlooked when you’re attempting to build your own community. Always make sure you’ve got a plan before you start contacting influencers, as well as ensuring they’re in the right ballpark for your brand. Flogging a dead blog is never a wise idea.

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