Beyond reporting, we ensure that the results we achieve align with your own internal marketing strategies. We aim to provide the best outcomes for your brand, based on identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities for growth.


Using the data and reports, we meticulously evaluate the effectiveness of the influencer marketing campaign. By aligning with your specific metrics, such as emphasising user-generated content or increasing brand awareness on social media, we gauge the campaign’s success based on the desired outcomes.

In addition to your objectives, we prioritise our own influencer goals. We highly value our contractual commitments and strive to consistently surpass our monthly targets. This ensures that we maintain a steady momentum in saturating social media with your product and maximising its visibility.

The use of these evaluation metrics allows us to identify areas for growth as well as areas where we have excelled. This analytical approach enables us to focus on continuous improvement and unlock the full potential of influencer marketing for your brand.

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