Play the Spy: How to keep an eye on and learn from competitors

It’s common sense. With 2.7 billion active users, now might be the best time to get on Facebook if you’re not already. With a user base like that, the site has huge potential to send your business into the stratosphere in terms of success. If you can harness a simple and direct strategy, the possibilities for reach, traffic and promotion are endless. Ready to make the most of it? Lucky for you, we’ve got it covered. Here’s Bark’s top tips for developing a successful Facebook strategy.

Plan Ahead

Alright – we’ll admit this one seems a bit simple. Still, if we had a penny for every time a brand went into a social media campaign without proper planning we’d be sat on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Before you begin, your team has a lot to think about – whether that’s tone, identity or image, it’s important to be on the same page.

It’s crucial that your posts maintain your desired theme, have conciseness and read like a fast conversation. Make sure you’re scheduling your posts at the right time and constantly promote your blog content to drive traffic. We’d suggest making a content calendar and line up all of your posts 30 days in advance.

Find Your Fans

If you end up preaching to the wrong crowd, your entire strategy will be like selling burgers to vegans. Targeting your audience is a vital step in the right direction. Find the data you need in your current customer user base to choose certain demographics like gender, age or location. Focus on these people in your Facebook campaign.

Utilise Video

Like many other platforms in the social media landscape, videos have played a bigger role in user experience on Facebook over the last few years. The auto-play feature (while quite irritating) makes video posts much more engaging than picture or text. We’re not surprised at all that posts with a video earn 140% more reach compared to regular posts. Many brands use subtitles too. This ensures that you can grab the attention of your audience even if they don’t have sound on. Keep it basic and short and you’ll be on the right road.

Encourage Engagement

If you want to build a thriving Facebook community around your brand, it’s vital that you encourage engagement. Always respond to customers as quickly as possible, especially complaints. You want your online space to act as a forum too, so make sure you’re pushing interactions with your posts and within your comments. When conversations spark without your input, you know you’re on to a winner.

Use Facebook Advertising

Getting some extra awareness never hurt any brand. If you’re looking to keep your audience growing, Facebook Ads is a great tool. Have some fun with it and keep your ads in line thematically with your own community. Also, make sure you target users who have recently visited your site or page. Have a look in Facebook Ads Manager and you’ll be able to develop a personalised ad for your own audience.

At the end of the day, all of us have a Facebook account. Track yourself and see how you interact with your favourite brands on the app. If you follow these five basic points, you’ll have over a million likes in no time.

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