Feeding your Followers: Maximise the impact of your Instagram Feed

Curating an engaging and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed takes time and effort, and it’s not something you can merely throw together. Here, we look at ways in which you can maximise the impact of your Instagram feed and introduce the different post types that you simply can’t afford to ignore.


What does the data tell us about the most engaging feeds?


A fascinating recent study by Later found that carousel posts have the highest average engagement rate of all feed post types, while images tend to be more popular than videos. The data presented also shows that Instagram engagement is dropping for feed posts year-on-year, even though carousel posts have consistently proven to be the most engaging and effective. The decline in engagement on feeds can be seen as a direct impact of the popularity of reels, as Instagram has invested significantly in trying to compete with the popularity of TikTok. 


So, although feed engagement levels are dropping, we advocate a diverse approach that incorporates the very best that Instagram has to offer, as we explain below.


Layout Grids

Your Instagram layout grid serves as the visual way in which you represent your brand. As such, it’s incredibly important to consider the entirety of your visual grid when scheduling posts to go out on the Gram. It helps to take a step back before scrolling through your grid and identifying the ways in which you can make aesthetic improvements to your content. You should make sure you’re posting high-quality images, using consistent filters, and have a clear colour and typeface for your branded posts. It helps to consider your grid as a grand mosaic that is fed by your individual posts – one off-brand post can ruin the entire masterpiece! 



Welcome to 2022 and the age of TikTok. Reels have become Instagram’s primary focus as a result of the incredible rise of TikTok in recent times. Instagram describes reels as “entertaining, immersive videos where you can creatively express your brand story.” So, we recommend doing exactly that. Given the huge emphasis that Instagram is placing on reels, you simply can’t afford to ignore them. Just make sure that your content is unique, fun, and engaging, and you can use reels to your significant advantage on the platform.


Image and video posts


Last but not least, there’s still a place on the Gram for standard image and video posts. After all, variety is the spice of life, and you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in the same basket. All of the standard rules apply when uploading images and videos – use filters, make sure they’re high quality, and consider what your audience actually wants to see. The best Instagram feeds are those that are varied, rich, and diverse, so don’t abandon images and videos in favour of the latest new features.




When it comes to feeding your followers on the Gram, we strongly believe that variety is the spice of life. That being said, you can’t afford to ignore the popularity of carousel posts and reels if you want to get ahead. Keen to keep up with the latest social media tips and digital marketing hacks? Be sure to follow our blog to continue feeding your followers the best possible content. 

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