Hit the Ground Running With Your Outreach Campaign

Never run an outreach campaign? Today’s your lucky day! Outreach is a crucial part of running your socials and without it your foundations will crumble. To put it simply, outreach is the process of picking people who can speak your brand’s story in their own way. It might be a scary thought leaving things like that in a stranger’s hands, but taking the plunge into influencer outreach can be very fruitful. If you’re getting confused, worry not young marketer. Here are five simple steps to lead you down the right road.

Find your footing

Finding where you stand and where you want to go with your brand is the vital first step when starting your campaign. Whatever you do, don’t rush into things. Finding the right foundations for a great campaign is really important and not too time consuming either.

Are you raising awareness of your brand or trying to alter your public image? Do you want some promotion or would you like to let your customers know about certain projects? Get these questions sorted before you get started.

Find your fans

Looking for the right people in all walks of life is pretty important and it’s no different during an outreach campaign. If you’re preaching your message to the wrong crowd, there’s no point even trying. Get a customer profile sported out and figure out who your target market is and where exactly they’re hiding online. Grab info such as gender, age, interests and even the most effective social media channels to get the right idea.

Encourage engagement

Whatever you do, don’t just stick to one social channel. Spreading out your brand and encouraging engagement with your content is an important part of the process. Also, each social media site contains analytical tools that allows you to view all your engagement statistics. This gives you space to experiment and streamline your approach. Create a spreadsheet with all your data so you can focus your attention to the channels that need it most.


Doing the groundwork and researching the right influencers is a corner you really shouldn’t be cutting. You want to look for influencers who hold your target audience and fully understand your brand. Every influencer needs to be in touch with your own visions of where you see the brand going. Viewers high but engagement low? Move on. Chasing numbers when it comes to influencers can be a trap you want to avoid. Another tip is to focus on accounts that have a history and proof of reliability; new accounts can often lead you astray. Prioritising engagement and longevity over viewership is vital when conducting your research.

Stay patient

Keep the faith and stay patient with the first four elements of your online PR campaign. It can sometimes feel time-consuming and unnecessarily detailed but trust us – cutting corners in this game doesn’t do anyone any favours. It’s way too easy to let misinformation and mistakes through the net. Rather than an automated message, put in that little bit of effort when contacting influencers and make the experience more individual for you. This not only adds an element of authenticity to your brand, but helps to build up a rapport with influencers you may work with again. Stay patient and make that extra effort to build a brilliant outreach campaign.

When stripped down to its fundamentals, outreach is about finding the right people to discuss your company. Get the research done and lay the right foundations and your campaign will get off to a flying start.

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