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We start with data. We track every post engagement, every IG story, every like and follow. Our tracking allows you to see the ROI on every product you send in real time.


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Monthly Influencer Views & Interactions Calculator
Here at Bark, numbers are our bread and butter. That's why we've created this views and interactions calculator, to help you get a realistic idea of the numbers we could achieve for your brand. Simply choose your desired amount of influencers and the cost of your product (not the RRP, but how much it costs to create the product and send it out) and you'll get a monthly impression, real reach and interaction figure. Like what you see? Click the contact us button below to get a quote.

Total Monthly Reach

This is the maximum amount of people that could see a story or post, based on 100% reach rate.


Total Monthly Real Story & Post Views

This is based on a realistic 12.5% estimated reach figure

Total Monthly Interactions

This includes likes and comments on all posts.

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