How to introduce affiliate tagging to generate sales

Instragram’s new affiliate program has made the relationship between brands and influencers more simple than ever. With both parties seemingly benefiting equally from this system, we will explain how to best utilise the tagging system in order to generate more sales.

How does affiliate tagging work?

Following the introduction of the affiliate program, working with influencers as a brand is easier than ever as now influencers have more reason to promote products that they’re interested in. Having influencers interested in a product that a brand might have is beneficial for the brand as this is effective additional marketing all at the cost of commission to the influencers. The way in which the tagging works is by having influencers tag a product in a post which then links the product to the site in which interested users can purchase the product in question.


How best to tag products on Instagram

There’s no such thing as too much tagging on Instagram and there are many ways you can do this, such as:

  • Reels– With reels, you can tag up to thirty different products from a single catalogue. For the users, this is additionally helpful for them as they will be able to see the tags immediately and will be able to get to that particular product quickly.
  • Stories– Stories are well embedded into the way in which people use Instagram now and can additionally be useful for brands too. With being able to add a product sticker once in each story from a catalogue, users will benefit from the ease of access to that product similarly to the reels resulting in more sales.
  • IGTV– With IGTV, influencers will be able to go into further detail about the product whilst demonstrating why the product is useful. Users will also be able to see more about the product all whilst the product is tagged on IGTV, allowing the users to get to that product quickly.


Benefits of affiliate tagging

Having an additional avenue of marketing for brands via Instagram whilst having influencers do the major legwork, all at the cost of commission is only a win-win. Having ease of access to the product for the users will also relate to further sales down the line.

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