In the Limelight: How to make the most of Facebook Live

Ever since Facebook Live launched in 2016, streaming has been booming. The feature is a huge player in the world of streaming, which is no surprise when the platform has over 2.8 billion daily active users. Despite the inevitable success of the feature, there are still plenty of brands that aren’t utilising Facebook Live to its full potential. The feature couldn’t be easier to use. Simply click the ‘Go Live’ button and you’ll be broadcasting to your followers around the world. To help you out, we’ve got together a few ways to make your Facebook Lives even more engaging for your audience.

Behind the scenes

Whether you’re a chic fashion brand or simply selling soap, diving into the inner workings of your product production can offer some genuinely interesting insight for your customer base. Show your viewers around the production side of your business and highlight some of the elements you love about your products.

This method is great for building up anticipation for a product you’re planning on releasing soon. If it all goes according to plan – why not make it a weekly or monthly series?



If your product or brand is a bit more complicated, a live video FAQ could clear up some common customer queries. Take a look through your inbox and posts and try to gauge the type of questions that are regularly being asked. It could be about shipping or something about the product itself. When you’ve answered all of these common questions, you’ve now got a saved piece of content that can be regularly referred to. If the Facebook Live was genuinely useful, the content will inevitably increase engagement and curiosity among your base.


Informational content

Looking for some additional value content? Get your camera ready, because Facebook Live is by far the best method. Whether you’re a recruitment company or tech brand, showing off your expertise can be extremely beneficial. Let’s say you’re a brand that sells apples – you could make an informational Facebook Live showing the process behind making a delicious apple pie. This type of content isn’t only great for brand awareness, it can be genuinely useful for your audience.



You don’t have to be Larry King to do interviews right. A live video is a great way to start conversations around your brand. With the rise in podcasts showing no sign of slowing down, creating this casual, relaxed and friendly style of long-form content can form deep connections with your audience. Every month, make sure you book in a guest that could offer some insight into your industry. These type of interviews are also brilliant for building influential brand partnerships.

Whatever the business or brand, Facebook Live has enormous potential. If you’re not utilising the feature to the best of your ability, lower engagement and interest is inevitable. Grab your camera, turn on the lights and discover the treasure trove of opportunities available with Facebook Live.

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