Influencer marketing in the FMCG industry – a match made in digital heaven

People usually associate influencer marketing with the likes of the fashion, travel, and health and fitness industries. But recently, there has been a huge uptake in influencer marketing by fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands. In this article, we explain why we think that influencer marketing in the FMCG industry is a match made in digital heaven.

How does the relationship work?

The FMCG industry encompasses products such as food and drink, nutrition, grooming, and personal care. They’re distinguished by the fact that they are quickly retailed and have a weekly or monthly purchase cycle. They also sell at a relatively low cost and have historically been purchased in-store as opposed to online.


Why is it beneficial?

It might not surprise you to learn that people’s attention spans on social media are continuing to shrink – 12 seconds for Millenials and 8 seconds for Gen Z. As such, the demand for snackable video content is on the rise and bite-sized influencer video content is a great way to build your FMCG brand this year.

Trust building

Working with nano and micro-influencers reaps big rewards for FMCG brands. They can tap into the intricate relationships that exist between influencers and their audience that have resulted from high levels of engagement. As such, if a micro-influencer recommends an FMCG product, their audience is more likely to jump on board, driving brand loyalty and customer retention.

Target new market segments 

Millennials and Gen Z consumers are increasingly favouring the popularity of social media and view it as a viable source for most of their information. Working with influencers is a great way to get your products in front of this profitable segment of the market in engaging ways.

Long-term benefits

Some brands look at influencer marketing similarly to SEO in that it has long-term benefits. When you’re working with micro or nano influencers, the reality is that you’re likely to see a return on investment in the long-term rather than from a single post. Building trust and credence with your brand is a long-term strategy that yields promising results, provided that you don’t expect overnight returns.

Drive conversions

Influencers have a penchant for leading their followers in the direction of brands that their followers are likely to engage with. As many as 49% of today’s consumers depend on influencer recommendations before buying products. This is a big opportunity for FMCG brands.

The bottom line is that there’s great synergy between FMCG brands and digital influencers and influencers present an exceptional opportunity for FMCG brands to engage with broader audiences. If you’re looking to kick-start a digital marketing campaign or would like to grow your FMCG brand with new segments of the market, get in touch with the team at Bark Social today.

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