Gifted Influencer Marketing

Our approach to influencer marketing is simple. We find relevant influencers to approach on behalf of your brand and offer them a product or service to try out for themselves, in exchange for promotion on their social channel(s). It’s straight forward, it’s cost effective and it creates a more authentic relationship between you, the influencer and their audience.

What is gifted influencer marketing?

Gifted influencer marketing involves the exchange of a product or service between your brand and an influencer, allowing them to try and learn more about the gift itself, allowing the influencer to create genuine and authentic content about their own feedback and/or experience.

By providing influencers with the product, you empower them to form their own opinions and judgments, resulting in much more organic and authentic engagement with both the product and your brand. This approach also allows a huge opportunity for relationship growth, investing in a nano or micro influencer early on and fostering new relationships that can be nurtured and developed into a valuable network.

As a result of this approach, the quantity and quality of content that is generated for a diverse audience allows in a natural manner, rather than relying on traditional sponsored posts that may leave audiences skeptical about the sincerity of the endorsement.

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