Influencers Assemble: How to build a successful Instagram outreach campaign

With over a billion active monthly users, there’s no doubt that Instagram has a strong case to be on the social media throne. Micro-influencers are running amok on Instagram and the platform offers boundless opportunities for your brand. Engagement is an essential part of any outreach strategy, which makes Instagram even more perfect for building your brand. To help get you off the ground, here’s a few top tips on how to make the most of your Instagram outreach strategy.

Work with the right influencers

Finding the right influencers for your brand is a crucial part of any outreach campaign. If you’re working with the wrong people, you’ll be missing out on heaps of potential. Find some users that are relevant to your niche and have an active intrigue into your brand. We suggest searching for some keywords related to your niche, filtering by followers and ticking off the influencers that click with you.

Make sure to always check engagement rates too – some influencers may have a high follower count but a very low rate of interaction on their profile. Finding the right influencers takes time and patience, but the results can be extremely rewarding.

Free product

Who doesn’t like free stuff? If you’re determined to make this outreach campaign work, you’re going to have to give out some free product. Magnanimity is a virtue when it comes to outreach, so make sure you’ve got plenty of product to send out. The best part is that supplying free products to your micro-influencers means you won’t have to pay a penny for the privilege of their promotion.

Don’t be afraid of asking a little extra from your influencers in exchange for product either. Whether that’s putting a link to your website in their bio or an additional post on their other social accounts, there’s no harm in asking for a little more. Ultimately, sending free products to micro-influencers is a strategy plenty of brands are taking on board. Why? It works.

Engage, engage, engage

Influencers aren’t just for Christmas. It takes time and effort to build up the workings of a fruitful relationship with your Instagram partners. Engaging with your influencers sows the seeds for the future, which will allow you to build a truly exciting ambassador programme for long term effectiveness.

Quick replies and consistent communications can be the foundations of a working relationship. Remember – this benefits them just as much as it benefits your brand. Keep in touch about audience, exposure and future product and you’ll stand out in the social media sea of brands contacting influencers.

Don’t be afraid to take some time filtering out the influencers that aren’t the right fit for your brand – finding the right people is key to your success. Follow these three pillars of effective outreach and you’ll be able to harness the underlying power of micro-influencers on Instagram.

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