Instagram’s Affiliate Program: Get paid for sharing what you love most

Instagram’s new affiliate program allows you to tag products which feature on your page and generate money from sharing the product. This new feature is designed so you can add certain brands to your wishlist and then promote products that you are passionate about. Find out how to get started with the affiliate program below. 


How does the Instagram Affiliate Program work?


As the influencer, you will be able to earn a commission on any sales that can be attributed to your post about the product. This is through a unique URL that is linked back to you and therefore the sales can be traced back to your post.

Best ways to link your affiliates:


After discovering some of the brands and products you wish to promote and be affiliated with, you then need to turn your attention to how best to link these affiliates. Here I will list some of the best ways in which you can link your affiliates.

  • Permanent link in bio– This is perfect if there is one specific brand you wish to promote regularly and if you wish to become a fully fledged brand ambassador.

  • Include a link to your stories– If you wish to look for something that is a little less permanent and want to keep your options open with who you wish to be affiliated with, then adding the link to the particular product that you are promoting on an individual story is the best way forward.

  • Promo codes– If you already have a well established relationship with your affiliate, there is a good possibility that they will run particular promotions through your content. Being given a promo code to promote to your followers is more likely going to lead to more of your followers using the link as they will get a discount and therefore you will be getting more commission, the best outcome!

Benefits of the new Instagram Affiliate Program

The benefits are very much reciprocated between the brand and you as the influencer. This gives you the chance to establish yourself as a trusted brand ambassador and will also lead to new relationships with other brands that you are passionate about. For the brands, they are able to promote their products all at the cost of commission to the influencer. The more popular their chosen influencers are, the more products they will most likely sell.



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