Linked Up: Best practice tips for LinkedIn

While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the holy trinity of social media networks, LinkedIn is a whole different ballgame. Used by professionals as a networking platform, LinkedIn is a fantastic way to grow a brand’s following. The platform has over 760 million registered accounts and more than 260 million monthly active users, meaning the site is packed with potential engagement opportunities. Here are a few best practice tips to stick by while growing your brand’s following.

Nail your visuals

It’s no secret that a solid visual presence on any platform is the key to social success. LinkedIn is no different. If you want to keep users around after visiting your profile, it’s important to keep things compelling.

When you’ve filled out descriptions with engaging copy, upload a captivating header with a clear brand logo. Also, to make the profile appear full and complete, ask your staff to link up their profile to the company page.

Don’t stop uploading

Just like other platforms, posting articles on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to grow your professional following. Make sure you don’t rush these articles – quality content inspires engagement, which inevitably results in more followers. We suggest mixing things up a bit and finding three or four different themes to stick by. Also, sharing content you know your followers will enjoy will fill your feed with even more valuable content.

Update your audience

One of the key methods of growing your LinkedIn presence is through reaching out to your audience as much as possible. Posting company status updates is a fantastic way to do this, allowing you to provide even more info to people within your network. It’s not hard to do either: simply go to admin tools and press edit. Move past the company page admins and check ‘Designated Users Only’. This will allow your status update to pop up to those in your network.

Join groups

As with any social campaign, finding your target market is key. Joining relevant groups on LinkedIn brings you one step closer to your potential clients and customers. Finding the right group will raise your follower count and engagement, while also generating highly profitable leads. If you’re active on LinkedIn, you’re much more likely to be a success. We would suggest using keywords to find the perfect groups.

While you may think of LinkedIn as more of a recruitment site, the platform is actually a treasure trove of potential engagement. If you’re not already, follow these LinkedIn best practice tips and watch your follower count shoot through the roof.

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