As a real team of people, we track every single post that is shared and every like, comment and view that is generated from our activity. We don’t rely on tools to generate content or stats directly from external platforms and we do this so that we can track and report the most accurate results.

live tracking

Once the influencers receive their gift, either by delivery or at an event, we diligently follow through until the very end by tracking every piece of content they post, featuring the product or service and tagging your brand. Our comprehensive tracking system captures each individual piece of content and its associated stats, including views for stories and posts, as well as engagements.

We use your own Instagram channel to monitor where and when the influencers mention or tag your brand in a story or post. We also give you full access to our tracker, enabling you to easily access all the influencer accounts, content and stats. We can also include any other data you might require into our tracking system.

By adopting this approach, we are able to provide you with monthly detailed reports, showcasing the influencer content and highlighting the results. In addition, we break down what these results really mean for you as a business and how you can best maximise them.

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