On Fleek: How to engage with millennials online

With all-known human knowledge at their fingertips, we’ll forgive millennials for growing up in a high-speed, on-demand society. Obviously, when you have a generation that has grown up in an entirely different type of society, you need to have a serious think about your marketing campaign. It’s crucial for all companies to fully comprehend who millennials are engaged with and who they are influenced by. If you can crack that code – you’re onto a winner.

Each & every platform

Finding your audience is always the number one priority of any marketing campaign. Luckily, millennials spend more time on social media compared to traditional forms than any other group. While it’s crucial to figure out where your audience may be more active, we’d seriously recommend going all out and using every channel available.

Whether it’s a good or bad thing, millennials are lurking in every corner of the internet (particularly Instagram and YouTube), so make the most of it.

Bring influencer marketing into your campaign

If you haven’t already, influencer marketing needs to be a part of your campaign. It’s effective, efficient and, best of all, it can be cheap. Influencers are key to creating trends and pushing viral products. Rather than focusing on one account with hundreds of thousands of followers, do some research and find a variety of micro-influencers that fit your brand’s image. Accounts with high engagement are sure to give your product a big boost! After all – they are called influencers for a reason.

Manage your online character

Trust is one of the key aspects of millennial marketing. If you can maintain a strong reputation management system, you’ll be able to shape perceptions of your brand. One way of doing this is to ask your online audience to leave reviews on a variety of different platforms, such as Trustpilot. Collate all of those positive reviews and push authentic feedback back at your audience. This inevitably increases the trust your audience has for your brand. Spend some time thinking about transforming your authenticity and watch your positive engagements skyrocket.


As the years roll by, videos play a bigger and bigger role in how millennials consume social media. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter are adapting to compete with the increasingly video-centric apps like Tik Tok and co. Visualising your brand is hugely fruitful if you do it right and it doesn’t even have to be expensive. Make your videos punchy and clear, without overcomplicating things.

Focusing your marketing campaign on millennials doesn’t have to be difficult. If you can keep on top of modern trends and engage with the constantly evolving social media landscape, you’ll be a success. So – grab that surfboard and ride the viral wave.

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