Quality over Quantity: Finding a Balance in your Social Media Engagement

As one of the beginning phases of SEO, keyword mapping can have a huge effect on your rankings in search engines. It helps to grow traffic, push authority and enhance your presence online. If we were going to put it another way, we’d say it was a massive deal. If you’re looking for ways to get ahead of your rivals, these five points will help you find a place to get started.

Work in batches

Rather than spending days mapping all of your keywords, it’s better to focus on around 60 – 110 at a time. This will lead to higher quality and more efficient keywords. Begin with the pages needing mapping the most, such as landing pages.

Get those tags written for these pages and while your client is assessing them, start on your next batch. This staggering process is extremely helpful when you’re trying to work efficiently.

Find the right tone of voice

Each one of your clients will have a business or product that you are entirely unknowledgeable about. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Get your client’s pages up on your second screen and put some time aside to browse through their site. Picking up that tone of voice when looking for appropriate keywords can be hugely beneficial, not to mention when writing your tags.

Perfectionism is a curse

The level of detail in keyword mapping can easily lead you down an endless rabbit hole. While it’s always good to be thorough, wasting time on an abundance of keywords isn’t helpful. Try focusing on 3 keywords and if you’re struggling to make that, don’t stress. Using too much of your time finding that one extra word or phrase isn’t helpful to anyone.

Find a consistent structure

When you’re writing your title tags, finding a template you can reuse and keep up consistently through the site can be very helpful. Most companies have a keyword optimised title, a line break and the company name, which keeps things simple and sweet. Your meta descriptions are your sales pitch. Enticing possible customers into clicking the link is more probable with an imperative hook at the end of your sentence. Find that template and you’ll breeze through the keyword mapping process while staying effective.

Don’t go overboard with character limits

It can be very tempting to go overboard with your title tags and meta descriptions. Make sure you always keep title tags around the 50 to 60 character limit and meta descriptions between 140 and 160. Writing concisely is an important skill within keyword mapping, but with a little practice it can be picked up easily. As you can tell, when trying to boost search engine results, we think keyword mapping is one of the most important processes. If you follow these five steps, you’ll be on the right path in no time. Remember to keep persevering; keyword mapping is a skill in itself.

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