Monthly Reporting

We believe reporting is one of the most crucial aspects of our process. We want your team to have full visibility and a strong understanding of our activity, what metrics we use to measure results and what this means for your brand.

Monthly Reporting

At the end of each month, we compile a comprehensive report for your team, including all the relevant data and statistics achieved from the campaign. These reports provide you with a comprehensive overview of the campaign’s output, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of the activity on a monthly basis and overall. 

Our reports are thoughtfully crafted, incorporating your branding elements to maintain consistency with your brand identity. We also tailor the reports to include any specific metrics you desire. This personalised approach ensures that the reports align exactly with your objectives.

Moreover, our reports serve as an invaluable tool for monitoring the progress of the activity, month after month. They enable us to stay on track, identify areas for improvement and track the evolution of the activity over time.

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