Retweet Raffles: 4 Fun Twitter Competition Ideas

Like most other social media sites, Twitter is a game. Whether you’re looking for likes or trying to convince your audience to hit that retweet button, making an attempt to form connections and engagements is all part of the fun. Competitions are one of the most popular ways to generate some buzz about your brand, while also being rewarding for both the audience and company. At the end of the day, who doesn’t like free stuff? Here’s a list of some of our favourite competition ideas.

Retweet Raffles

Easy, simple and a game that any user can play – twitter sweepstakes are one of our best ways to get some excitement going while raising brand awareness. The best part? It takes little effort to get going. If you ask your audience to like and retweet in return for a chance of winning a prize, you’ll be surprised how much exposure you can generate.

Pick a winner after a few days and the results will be really beneficial for your online community. You could even provide a link in your tweet and ask people to enter the details into your site for a chance to win.


Polls arrived into the twitter sphere a few years ago now and they’re here to stay. We’re not surprised either – they’re a fantastic way to get feedback from your audience and can be a lot of fun to boot! We’d recommend setting up a Q&A style thread and inviting users to respond to the correct answers – those who pick the right answers win a price! Try being as creative as you can with your questions. If you can manage to grab your audience’s attention with the inventiveness or challenging nature of your questions, you’ll definitely be on the right track.

Hashtag Time

If you’ve spent more than two seconds on twitter, you’ve probably noticed just how important hashtags are to the platform. Inviting and encouraging new people to join your community should be one of the fundamental goals of your competitions and hashtags are one of the main ways to get this done. Ask your community to respond to a tweet with your hashtag and you’ll be able to easily track answers. Again, catchiness is crucial if you’re going to get traction. Make sure you’re being as inventive as possible.

Amateur photographer of the year 2020

Photos are taking up more and more of twitter’s timelines (which we don’t think is a bad thing.) User-generated content can be difficult to achieve on twitter due to its fast and volatile nature. Even so, photography competitions can be really useful if you’ve already built up some regular engagement. Get your followers to reply with photos of your product or related to your brand with the appropriate hashtags and then pick the best one!

There you have it – the fantastic four. These competition ideas are a great way to get started when attempting to engage with your online community. Twitter can sometimes be a tough nut to crack, but when you get into the flow of engagement, the results will be sweet.

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