Rise to Power: How micro-influencers are taking over influencer marketing

Whenever ‘influencer’ is mentioned, a few words probably come to mind. While we can’t mention some of those words here, an image that pops up frequently is famous names with massive fan bases. We’ll let you in on a secret – micro-influencers, who have thousands (not millions) of followers, are the way forward for influencer marketing. These micro-influencers are not only more cost-effective than big-budget influencers, the results are more impressive too.

When setting out your outreach campaign, focusing solely on numbers can be distracting. Trust us – size does not equal success. Micro-influencers, despite having fewer followers, can preside over a niche community packed with authentic engagement. This means that, in contrast to macro-influencers, the distance between audience and influencer is immediately closer, leading to a higher level of trust. Finding micro-influencers that harbour a community perfect for your brand may take a bit of time, but the results are incredibly rewarding.

It’s not just the audience-influencer relationship that matters either. It’s much easier to keep up a fruitful relationship with micro-influencers, with more chance of repeat posts. Have your eyes on developing the relationship, with a view of including the best influencers in an ambassador programme down the road. This programme will solidify your working relationship and guarantee future posts. When you find an influencer that really fits the bill, you must put time and effort into developing the relationship.

Instead of the extortionate prices that macro-influencers charge, your main bargaining chip when working with micro-influencers is free product. This low hassle method is brilliantly cost-effective. Create a list of the micro-influencers you want to work with and get specific with their requirements (the happier they are, the better the results). The free product you send out is all you’ll have to pay for the privilege of working with micro-influencers, so the investment is definitely worth it!

The power of micro-influencers is undeniable. In the next few years, it’s more than likely that influencer marketing will take over traditional advertising as the main player in the marketing game. While it may seem counter-intuitive at first, connecting to a smaller, more engaged audience can revolutionise your outreach campaign. The value of micro-influencers can’t be understated.

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