Say No to Spam: How to make your email marketing unique

Data. The crux of email marketing can’t be put anymore succinctly than that. Data has been the most important part of emails for many years. Improvements, such as A/B split testing and mobile awareness design, have relied on it. Even so, using data from your customers to customise your marketing campaign has been hugely under developed when compared to other areas. The best part? It’s not even difficult. Here’s some ideas on how to mould your audience’s data into your campaign.

Merge Tags

Let’s start with the simplest of them all. Merge tags are absolutely fantastic for creating smooth content within your emails allowing you to address your recipients directly. It doesn’t matter if you want to start formally with second names or address your audience on first name terms, the choice is there with the right info. We know this one sounds mind numbingly simple, but you’d be seriously surprised how many campaigns start out with ‘hello everybody’.

It’s been shown that these kinds of emails are hardly ever clicked onto, so avoid them at all costs.


If you’re struggling to find a focus in your email marketing, segmentation may be the way forward. Look for those obvious divisions within your audience and keep them in mind. Let’s say the brand deals with both trade and retail customers, the division there is pretty obvious. Splitting them into two is crucial if your email campaign is going to be a success. Segmentation gives you the ability to split your email communications into groups and adapt the content within to focus more specifically on the recipient.


There are even more levels to segmentation than that. Data can be used to uncover the personality of your target audience and distinguish them with things such as site behaviour, location and age. Grouping recipients into these categories allows you to be that more specific and, therefore, more efficient. If you want to get even deeper into it, you can even send out campaigns at times you know specific categories are active on their devices.


Everyone’s had them pop up now and again – emails that remind you to log back into an app after spending a few weeks away. Well, that isn’t just a coincidence. Behaviour trigger emails are extremely effective and can add another layer of efficiency to your marketing campaigns. As with our other points, this type of customisation is simple to implement (if you have the data).

While marketing campaigns gradually shift towards other online areas, email marketing still remains a simple and efficient way to get in touch with your audience. Customisability has never been easier – so find that data and reach out to your customers!

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