Snap into Action: Using Snapchat to Promote Your Business

There are many outdated misconceptions about social media that need to be addressed – one of them is that Snapchat can’t be used professionally.

What the app started out as is no longer the same and companies everywhere are realising what Snapchat can do for them.

Here we will look at ways your company can promote itself using Snapchat and how this is different from other forms of advertising.

Social media effectiveness

The largest companies globally all have a huge presence on social media because they understand the amount of time users spend on the sites.

The companies who already promote on Snapchat are well-versed in engaging and communicating directly with their target audience. There can’t be any dialogue between companies and consumers through traditional advertising like TV and radio, handing apps like Snapchat an advantage.

Additionally, consider the demographic of people using Snapchat. Over half of Snapchat’s users are 24 or younger, with the majority of those users being female. This data is important to companies who can tailor their product line visible on the app and the marketing approaches to take.

Savvy businesses simply wouldn’t run the same marketing campaigns on Snapchat that they might on LinkedIn, for example, because the demographic of users is very different.

Not only this, but certain apps have very broad age demographics, but because Snapchat has more than 50% of users being an adolescent or young adult, it might be easier for organisations to settle on a marketing approach than it would be for the more-varied Facebook, for instance.

Managing expectations, knowing what videos work for your company, and aligning your brand with the right influencers, if influencer marketing is a route you decide to go down, are all useful ways of building your online presence and increasing brand recognition.

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Special Features

Snapchat has cleverly added the Snap Pixel feature to its business section should companies want it. This useful tool allows companies to track data from Snapchat from recent videos.

Harnessing valuable data like this allows companies to measure the success of any post they publish and can alter future ones if they weren’t very successful.

To rival TikTok’s success in the short video market, Snapchat now allows a similar feature with their Spotlight function.

While Snapchat isn’t alone in mastering short video clips, they understand that their users could interpret a longer video as an intrusion to their feed and will feel more scripted, which doesn’t tend to work as well on social media apps.

Their video editing tools advance beyond the basic functionality of what is capable elsewhere, meaning you can tinker with what your company is filming to perfection so it gets optimal engagement.

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