Spring Clean: How to give your socials channels a refresh

We all need a nice spring clean now and again and your socials aren’t any different. With the rising and falling tide of Instagram trends, the same old content can get bland, stale and uninteresting at the click of a button. Need to brush away the cobwebs and clean things up? Here are some of our top tips for giving your social channels a spring clean.

Do an audit

Audits are a great way to reassess where your socials are at. Make sure you take everything into account, including an analysis of your insights and look out for consistency, variation and the developments you’ve already made. We’d also recommend keeping an eye out for specific post insights – this way you’ll be able to spot where and when you’re uploading the right kind of posts.

Nailing your socials is all about experimenting, so don’t be disappointed if some of your ideas don’t work. Gather both the positives and negatives from your audit and start afresh!

A fresh face

It can be all too easy to stay in the same gear over a long period of time. If you’ve been using the same visuals for too long, your feed can start to feel very samey. Why not change it up? A new style of visual posts not only injects some life into the brand, it could also connect with a lot more users. They don’t have to be massive changes either – if your posts are feeling a bit cluttered, go for a more minimalist style and vice versa.

Shake up your content

Running the same competition every week? Shaking up the type of content your posting is the perfect way to navigate that staleness. Dedicate some time to a brainstorming session and come up with some fresh new ideas. This will give you an opportunity to increase interest, reach and, therefore, engagement. New hashtags, especially on Instagram, are also worth dedicating some time to. Either way, out with the old and in with the new is a great maxim for a springtime clean.

Look at competitors

It might feel sneaky to spy on competitors, but you can guarantee they’re spying on you. Seeing what’s working for your rivals is the perfect way to assess your own content and overall profile. Inevitably, many of their followers will be people you want to engage with too, so keep a special eye out for those hashtags. Competitor analysis can give you a new perspective on your own brand and really help with your spring clean.
What better excuse to spruce up your socials than the arrival of spring? It’s best to give your channels a clean up every few months anyway, but assessing what is and isn’t working should be a crucial part of that process.

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