The Chrome Connoisseur’s Favourite Plugins

Google Chrome is, in our opinion, the best browser going. With a monopoly of over half of the entire online browser market, we’re definitely not in the minority. From Social Blade to Grammarly, plugins are a massive part of that wide appeal. We can already hear you screaming from the rooftops: ‘What are your favourite plugins then, Bark?’ Well, after a few debates in the Bark offices, we’ve whittled our most used plugins down to 5. Sorry to those that didn’t make the cut:


The copywriter’s saving grace – Grammarly is ideal if you’re writing in a hurry.

The plugin is able to spot those silly typos that can ruin an entire post, while pointing out recommended changes.

Pixel Helper

Sticking to the writing theme, this plugin is owned by Facebook and takes up a proud place in most digital marketers holster. If any problems start surfacing on your page you are instantly notified at lightning speed.


We all know how thin the line is between rubbish and great fonts. With a massive range to choose from, WhatFont features all your favourite styles and few extras to make your posts stick out from the crowd.

Move It

Have you been stuck to your seat for hours? While we’re just as glued to our screens as you are, we all know that it’s not the healthiest decision in the world. Consistent notifications will push you to get moving and remind you when it’s time to take a much needed break.

Tag Manager

Google’s very own Tag Manager tops things as the saving grace of all digital marketers. We all know those tiring days staring at AdWords for hours. Not to worry! Tag Manager keeps an eye on all your google tags, giving you peace of mind.

There you have it; our favourite Chrome plugins! We were going to rank them into a top 5, but we think the debate may have become too heated…

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