The Domino Effect: A Campaign for Retargeting Ads

Who doesn’t want the best results? Retargeting people who are watching each one of your video ads can be a very effective way to improve your rates of conversion. Why? Rather than fishing in an empty pond, you’re focusing on places where you can connect with your audience. If you get on the right track with your retargeting, it can be even more useful than you’d think.

If you want to grasp the true potential of your brand, gathering a group of talented creatives is a must. Like a domino effect, you can target users who watched the first creative, the second and then the third. As an example, let’s say that your client sells sweets. You are able to focus on people who are living a mile around any shop that sells those specific sweets. You can also see which viewers have watched the whole video and then retarget them using a collection of additional adverts. Let’s have a look at why this is all so beneficial.

Everyday I’m shuffling

A great way to make this whole process more efficient is to give the order of your ads a big shuffle. Experimenting and finding the most effective order is essential when planning your strategy. This data will still be around on your next campaign and building up this database can also be extremely beneficial.

Remember – your first ad is by far the most crucial, so be confident that you’ve chosen the right one.

Individual Unique Selling Points

With more than one creative, you’re able to focus on separate parts of your USPs. Whether that’s the natural ingredients of your food in the first and then the deep history of the business in the second, hitting multiple points in a row like this is ideal. In contrast to pushing all your USPs into a single video, multiple videos have a lighter and are more easily consumed – essential for any advertisement.

Recall expansions

If your viewers walk away from your advert not even knowing the name of the brand, you don’t need us telling you it’s been a failure. Jumping on multiple ads offers a contrast for the viewer and therefore makes the brand much more recognisable. Recall is one of the pillars of great advertisements anyway and this is a sure-fire pathway towards it.

Steer clear of indifference

When you start retargeting, you’ll notice that the in-attentional blindness that comes over most viewers start to drift. When you’re displaying the same repetitive advert over and over, the indifference from your viewer is inevitable. If you can start with multiple ads, you already have a massive advantage over your competitors. Grab the attention of your viewer with a variety of USPs in different videos.

Cheap price

No one ever said no to saving a few quid. This technique is significantly cheaper than a lot of other online advertising methods. When the first video has gone out, your only targets are those who’ve already shown an interest in your brand. Even though you’ll be showing your second, third and fourth videos to less people, they’ll be the right people. Remember – quality always trumps quantity.

Sticking out in the online space is always going to be the trickiest aspect of online advertising. Trust us – thinking smart instead of focusing on numbers is always the right move. If you can get your retargeting campaign flowing, you’ll be on to a winner in no time.

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