The Influencer Equation: Why Great Relationships Equal Greater Reach

What does it mean for your company to have strong relationships with the influencers you’ve contacted to promote your brand? It might seem insignificant, but connecting with the influencer can have a larger impact than you might think.

Bark Social wants to explore the relationship behind your company and the influencer you’re using. Let’s see what a great relationship with them can do for your business.

Why is a Strong Relationship Important with an Influencer?

There’s a reason you considered using influencer marketing; it could be their online follower numbers, the follower demographics, or their output seamlessly aligning with your product or service. Whatever the reason, something made you choose them, to begin with.

Assuming they are posting your brand as agreed and you like what you see from their output, it would be worthwhile to keep the relationship with them happy and it’s perhaps not worth the risk of changing influencers.

Then there’s the potential for audience growth. If you have an influencer with around 100,000 followers but believe the trend is looking positive that they’ll get more, it would make sense to stick with them for when they have an even greater number of followers. They may well want to be compensated better, but there’s a chance that they will show loyalty to you as a company that paid for sponsorship before their follower numbers increased exponentially.

Finding new influencers is possible but a laborious task that takes some research into their output and character, then the negotiations that follow. Any negotiations require an open mind, so bear this in mind if you approach a new influencer to start communications well.

How to Keep Influencer Relationships Positive

To stay amicable with the influencer you have an agreement with, here are three things to consider.


    1. Allow them creativity – Originality pays! There are aspects of the post you can politely give social media post guidelines on, of course, but don’t be too strict with what you’re asking; this could deter them from wanting to work with you in future. Besides, they know how to post successfully given their following.
    2. Stay in touch – Simply paying the influencer and not contacting them any other way is quite a cold approach and might not sit well with them. Get in touch with them now and then to see if there’s anything they suggest or request – your attention will be viewed positively.
    3. Give them all the information – If you’re not letting them know the objectives of why you’re contacting them at all, without going into every detail, then they might not post what you’re looking for. A content relationship between both parties will see them compensated well and regularly, and your online missions achieved.


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