The Seven Step Pathway to Video Virality

The constant quest to stay relevant isn’t a new phenomenon. Wanting people to see your content, art or work has been something people have always strived for. While it might seem daunting at first, the power of virality in social media can help propel content creators from the very bottom to the top, in a matter of days. Is your video content stumbling around in the catacombs of YouTube’s seemingly endless content? Here’s seven helpful tricks and tips to help you find that spark of virality that could shoot you straight to the top.

Relatability and Relevancy

Popular events such as big football matches or live festivals constantly generate copious amounts of trending topics and engagements.

Keeping your content relevant during these times can help you ride the wave towards virality, while still being able to create engaging and fun entertainment.

Keep Talking…

When we talk about engagement we don’t just mean your followers. Interacting with other content creators and brands raises your profile, while collaborations can fuse two groups of people and double your viewership. Figure out who the best influencers to share and interact with your work are and try getting your videos embedded on related third party sites.

Choose the right platform

Prioritising the appropriate platforms can be vital when trying to get your ticket on the viral video train stamped. A recent study found that Instagram videos have 49% higher engagement than standard image posts and this is a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the wider social media landscape.

Caption Etiquette

Unfortunately, inventing concise and engaging captions for your video posts has become imperative for content creators. Enticing potential viewers with succinct copy should be a priority, but make sure not to give too much away. Do your research for keywords and complete all your titles and meta descriptions to keep your content relevant and healthy for search engines. Every little helps.

Point People in the Right Direction

Gathering a solid subscriber base on Youtube can be a hugely beneficial foundation to build a space for your content to flourish. A strong community also helps you interact with your own viewers and creates an understanding of content they might be interested in. Attach thumbnails and signposts to the like and subscribe button in your videos to keep reminding people. It’s much easier to achieve virality if you have a strong base to jump from.

You’ve Got the Viewers… Now Keep Them

Maintaining a steady stream of viewers is much harder than getting them in the first place. People leaving your channels because of a lack of posting or low quality content are incredibly difficult to get back and the slide downwards can be hard to stop. When your viewers are watching your videos, try to keep them watching for as long as possible because the YouTube algorithm favours higher retention rates.

Break a Leg

We can’t deny it. Luck plays a big part in the virality game and being in the right place at the right time can help you out massively. At the end of the day, you have to create your own luck; keep posting and attach yourself to events that seem to have higher interactions and cross your fingers that you hit the jackpot.

Finding that boost of virality can feel like playing the lottery sometimes. Don’t give up and stick by these principles so you can create a steady foundation for when you find your big break. Just don’t be one of those creators with misleading YouTube thumbnails and we’ll be happy.

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