The ultimate business guide to Instagram Reels

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Reels is the hottest feature on Instagram right now. The 15-second video clips provide content creators with the perfect opportunity to create concise, engaging content to grow their profiles and online business interests.

Sharing many similarities to TikTok’s videos, Reels can feature on the feed and within stories and are a great opportunity to tap into the fact that attention spans are shortening. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get started with Instagram Reels for your business. Read on to find out how to maximise this feature to grow your online profile.

What you need to know about creating engaging Instagram Reels 

As is the case with all content, the Instagram algorithm rewards reels that are engaging, original, and entertaining. You should avoid reels that are low resolution, as well as those that are recycled from other sources (such as TikTok). If you hit the jackpot, your reels might be included on the Reels Explore Feed, which features popular content from trending accounts. As a content creator, the Reels Explore Feed is where you want to be. But how do you create entertaining and engaging Reels? Let’s take a look.
How to create Reels

You will find the option for Reels at the bottom of the camera on Instagram. What’s more, you can also access a range of creative editing tools that will help you create your Reel, such as:



The Instagram music library contains a huge selection of tracks that you can feature within your content. Alternatively, you can back your Reel with your own content. When you use your own audio, people can create future Reels with your music, which will then be attributed to your account. In other words, it’s a great way to build your profile.


AR effects 

 There are so many features within the AR effects gallery you can turn to in order to enhance the quality of your Reels. Many of these have been created by other content creators and can make a big difference to the visual aspect of your Reels.



You can utilise the timer to easily record your clips. As soon as you begin recording, you will see a 3-2-1 countdown, making it easy to plan your short snippets of content.



The align feature enables you to order objects from your previous clips before recording the next part of your Reel, which ensures seamless transitions. This can be super helpful if you’re skipping locations or changing outfits within your production.



You can also control the speed of your Reel, picking up the pace or slowing things down, which can help you further optimise your content.


Taking advantage of Reels for business

The Reels feature on Instagram is an excellent way to build connections within your community and reach new audiences on the platform. It’s also a great opportunity for content creators to go viral with content while sharing meaningful and engaging snippets of content with your audience. If you’re thinking about adding Reels to your business marketing strategy, here are three ways to go about it:

Create authentic and original content 

The Instagram algorithm rewards content that is authentic and original. As such, invest in content that is unique to your brand and packed with special effects. Not only will this help with its reach, but it will also portray your brand in a positive light.

Share educational content 

Reels are also a great opportunity to teach your audience a unique skill or explain something interesting about your industry. For instance, show your followers how to make an Aeropress coffee in the morning or how to take the perfect photo with an iPhone.

Showcase your products or services 

Of course, Reels are perfect for showing off your product or service ranges. You might also create a Reel for your latest product launches or announce discounts or special promotions.

No matter how you use them, Reels can become a crucial and impactful feature of your Instagram business strategy. Find out how Bark can help you implement your digital strategy, or get in touch if you have any further questions about how Instagram Reels work.

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