The Way the Cookie Crumbles: Why online recipes are crucial for food brands

In our experience, food brands that haven’t got recipes on their site always fall as flat as a pancake. If you haven’t filled pages up to the brim with plenty of exciting recipes, you’re definitely missing a trick. Recipes are some of the most searched terms on search engines, so it’s essential to cast that net out and catch as many as you can. Not only are recipes effective in terms of organic search, your food brand also has the opportunity to build an authority on recipes and ingredients.

Come up with your own recipes

Recipes on your site are the perfect place to show off your product to users. Create some recipes around some of your most popular products and get cooking! When you’re done cooking, capture your results and plaster them over social media. Customers will love the personal touch that comes with this kind of content, which will only deepen the connection you have with your followers.

Posting these recipes on a specific day each week will also cement a routine that will inevitably convince your to check the site before their weekly shop. The best part of all this? The response you’ll receive will be as sweet as honey.

Ask bloggers to get creative

Food bloggers are a creative bunch. Most foodies will be more than happy to start mixing up content with some fresh recipes using your product. During your influencer outreach campaign, ask bloggers to come up with their own recipes and watch the excited responses come flying in. Bloggers love having a free rein with this sort of thing, so make sure to give them all the freedom they need. You can even use video content of bloggers cooking on your site to help build more authority.

Create a recipe book

When you have enough recipes, creating a booklet with all the most popular recipes can be incredibly engaging. Alongside separate pages containing recipes, a booklet only deepens the potential of your brand and is the perfect example of your product’s versatility. Why not send it out to loyal followers or set up giveaways on your social channels? You could even ask followers to send in their own recipes and build an entire booklet from scratch. These community interactions enhance the connection between you and your customers.

No matter what kind of food brand you are, generating recipes on a weekly basis through bloggers, your social media or your own site will do your company the world of good. If you can nail your brand’s recipe pages then trust us – your product will start selling like hot cakes.

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