Tick Tock Your Way to the Top: Tips for Becoming a TikTok Influencer

The lucrative world of being a TikTok influencer is an attractive proposition to many. Achieving this could seem an impossible mission from the outside, but we’re here to tell you that it’s possible and some agencies can assist you.

Knowing where to start can seem confusing in an apparently saturated market.

This article will look at useful things you can do to become an online creator, gain followers, and partner with companies to promote their brands.

The basics of being an influencer

Firstly, you need to have a message that will resonate with people. Whatever that may be, your video simply has to be interesting and being passionate about the subject helps. Whether it’s fashion, food, dance, sport, or anything for that matter, being knowledgeable and offering some insight on the subject is much more likely to mean your video is a strong one.

If your video isn’t singing, don’t follow scripts – reading off a sheet won’t lead to a popular video and people will be quick to scroll on. If your video looks spontaneous and genuine, it will likely generate more engagement. Of course, you can have an idea in mind about roughly what will be said or what will be done in the video.

TikTok is a creative platform and you should embrace that. While current trends are a good way of reaching a mass market, you need to add your own unique flavour to each video. How you do that depends entirely on your personality and what it is you feel you’re strong at.

Discussing the basics and more advanced details involved with making TikTok influencing work with an agency like Bark Social can be massively beneficial.



How to reach more people with TikTok videos?

TikTok is extremely adept at showing followers videos that they believe will be of interest to them. Their algorithm works by suggesting videos to users that include content in the video that fits the user’s TikTok browsing history, are already popular, and contain certain noises (like trending songs) that match other popular videos.

Therefore, the first step you can take to reach a greater audience share is by including a currently popular song in your video that will likely be distributed to more people browsing the platform. Dance routines to a specific song are an effective way of achieving this.

Similarly, hashtag challenges offer influencers a great avenue of exposure; it automatically puts your video onto the hashtag feed where anybody who searches it can view it. Being alert to which trends are currently popular gives you an advantage over the average TikTok poster.



Further tips for potential influencers

Don’t sit back once you’ve posted a video and not even think about the next one for a week. Followers want a fairly constant stream of videos from you or else they will find other influencers to watch instead. Your engagement is more likely to be high if you produce regularly scheduled content.

Scouring through other social media platforms for content you think could work might on your TikTok channel be an inspired decision, carrying over a trend from elsewhere.

It can become exhausting, and many people actively avoid doing this because of unfortunate online negativity, but seeing what viewers like or dislike in the comments section can help you refine your material to produce a broadly enjoyable video. Not everyone is going to enjoy your content, as with anything in life, but discovering any glaring errors could lead to success.


The bottom line

It’s another avenue for sales for a fashion brand. If somebody is only interested in buying the physical product, they still have the opportunity to do so, yet this alternative option is available to somebody who would like to own the piece digitally.

Digital dressing looks set to stay and fashion brands should embrace such opportunities to maximise sales and contribute to sustainability efforts. Get in touch with Bark Social today to learn more about the new age of online fashion.

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