TikTok Takeover: Mastering Influencer Marketing

The social media age is dynamic and those wanting to take full advantage of marketing online will do well to pay attention to the trends that take shape and spot which ones are on the rise.

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the last year or two, as has influencer presence on the platform.

Whether you’re part of a company looking to promote a product or an agency representing people online, this article will look at ways to use influencer marketing to your benefit.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is endorsing your product or service on social media by using a person with a large audience to broadcast your message and give further exposure to your brand.

This form of marketing, while contemporary and still not entirely untapped, is very effective in reaching the attention of a mass market and converting advertising into sales.

Products might be gifted to influencers who will display the product on their social media channel. Other times the influencers will be paid financially; however, there is always an exchange of company advertising for some personal gain.

TikTok was the most successful social media app of 2022, according to some metrics, meaning influencers are increasingly jumping on board and increasing their media output on the platform.

Agencies like Bark Social are adept at partnering with influencers for marketing success online, taking the stress out of negotiations for companies and influencers alike.



A suitable influencer for your brand

When you first consider promoting your brand on TikTok through an influencer, you must bear in mind the type of influencer they are. What do they do online? Does it fit with the promotion you want? It’s advised to avoid any controversial figures, of course, as this can reflect badly on your brand, so due diligence is required on your part.

Next, you need to assess the demographic of followers the influencer has. Analysis of the age, sex, interests, behaviours, and other characteristics will offer hugely beneficial insight into the majority of the audience your message will be broadcasted to. Segmenting your potential consumers is crucial to a company reaching its desired audience.

If you decide to promote your brand through an influencer with an audience largely disinterested in your product, it will be a waste of time and resources.

Getting involved with hashtag challenges on TikTok can be an effective way of reaching even more people. However, it is again crucial to bear in mind what the challenge is and if it fits with your brand’s image.



Essentials for your Campaign

Rather than filming an extensive advertising campaign that will eat up swathes of company resources and cost a lot of time to produce, collaborating with a TikTok influencer can be cost-effective and quick. The more followers the influencer has, the more money they are likely to demand to promote your message.

Keep aware that the advertisement your company would run and the one that the influencer has posted to their TikTok channel could look quite different. Ultimately, this should be fine because you are not directing this and there is no script. Old-fashioned adverts simply don’t work as well on TikTok

You have collaborated with this influencer because their usual output online engages and resonates with a lot of people, therefore, some creative flexibility should be granted to them, as long as the core message is delivered.

If you have agreed with several influencers on TikTok to market your brand, you should certainly track where your sales are coming from. One way of doing this is by using discount codes; let’s say you have partnered with influencers called Lucy and Kevin – when they tell their followers to enter LUCY10 or KEVIN10 when purchasing for 10% off, you can harness this data and know for sure on whose page the customer saw your product.

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