Why Instagram saves are more important than ever

Social platforms never stop evolving. Whether a simple design tweak or a fundamental change to the app, Instagram is no stranger to change. So – what’s different this time? A little thing called saves.

Saves are the new way to generate that extra slice of engagement you’ve been craving. They’re located below a post and are in the shape of a handy bookmark. When saved, you can view a collection of your saved posts in your profile. This is handy from a user perspective when you’re keen to keep track of competition or just want to collect some creative ideas. But why are they so important in terms of engagement?

You’ve probably noticed the occasional few days when Instagram removes the ability to see like numbers on posts. It’s safe to say that this caused a bit of a freakout among brands that centre around Instagram. As you’d expect, this fundamental change had a negative effect on engagement for the few days it was live. Fortunately, the platform brought them back, but not without some important data.

After these experiments, influencers and brands alike slowly discovered that saves have been pushed up the pecking order massively over the past few months. They’re now the holy grail of engagement and are a brilliant indicator of the success of your posts. Ultimately, the more saves your posts get, the more favourably the algorithm will look upon your content. This can lead to a whole lot of branching out and will help your brand reach brand new users.

While the engagement potential is massive, saves can still be tricky to make use of. There are a few ways to optimise your content to ensure your posts gain organic saves. Infographics are a great method of generating natural saves, as the content is deeply illuminating and multi-dimensional. Longer, more informative captions could also boost the number of saves you’re getting, with people wanting to pop back and read again. If you want to be a little more direct – you can always try asking your audience to save your posts with a call to action. While this might seem a bit on the nose, you could frame the request in the form of a competition.

At the end of the day, there’s no better way to grow your Instagram account than with organic engagement. The platform loves seeing users engaging with your posts, and saves are the ultimate indicator. Keep up the informative and engaging content and a flood of saves will be coming your way.

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