The Best Things In Life Are Free: Why your brand should be running product giveaways

If you feel slightly uneasy giving away a product for free – we don’t blame you. When you’re investing time, effort and money into your brand, it can almost seem counterproductive to be giving it away lightly. Even so, free product giveaways are a fantastic way to build online communities from the ground up and generate a buzz around your brand. Convinced yet? We’ve come up with some reasons why running product giveaways is a must.

Audience growth

First and foremost, free product giveaways are all about growth. Enticing people into your brand and spreading the word about your brilliant new product is only possible if people can get their hands on it. Not only will you increase the amount of users engaged with your social media, but winners are likely to show off their winnings to friends and family on their own accounts.

This can then generate valuable user-generated content that you can share on your own socials. Free product giveaways inevitably drive people to your site and are the foundations for a powerful brand-customer relationship.

Heightened awareness

It’s not all about the engagements. Giving away free products increasing the reach your brand has. All new online communities need to reach as many new people as possible to have any chance of expanding. Free product giveaways entice new users in and immediately gives them a taste of what you’re about. You’ll be laying strong foundations for the future too.

You gotta have faith

If you’re prepared to give away your beloved product for free, the confidence that you project is undeniable. The immediate perception from followers is that you’re generous and have a real belief in the product at hand. Let’s be honest, if a brand isn’t willing to cough up some free product, it always looks suspiciously insecure. If you want to build some credibility and project a confident and magnanimous brand image, free product giveaways are the way to go.

Brand association

Appealing to a wide range of people is at the heart of great social media management. Brand association is one of the most important methods of generating buzz and trust in your product. You’ll be positioning yourself as fun, appealing and in touch with your audience, so keeping your customers happy should be at the top of your list of priorities. When that winner receives their free prize, you’re immediately associated with value. Planting the seeds for positive brand association is crucial when growing your brand.

If your socials are struggling to gain any traction, free product giveaways might just be your saving grace. Trust us – if you can bear to give away your product for free now, you’ll be patting yourself on the back later down the line.

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