Bark Best Practice: YouTube

As the second-largest search engine on the internet, YouTube is a treasure trove for traffic. It doesn’t matter what sort of brand you’re trying to market, there’s a place for all sorts of content on the social media giant. As with all of your socials, nailing the basics and laying the right foundations will help build a community around your brand. To help you hit the ground running, here are Bark’s best practice tips for YouTube.

Keep up the consistency

If you’re not posting on a consistent basis – you’re going about things the wrong way. Regular uploads are essential if you’re going to grow a community, so creating a content calendar well in advance will help you keep pace with your competitors.

If you really want to go for it, take a look at some media giants, who often post up to 400 videos every month. Also, posting at the same times each week will help viewers know when to expect your content.

Connect your socials

This one might be obvious, but there’s plenty of brands that forget to link up their social channels to their YouTube account. If you want to maximise your reach with new posts, hooking up your various profiles is a must. Going that step further and posting a link to the new video on Twitter or Facebook will also drive your views up and make your audience more aware of your activity.


While the comments section on a lot of videos might make you think otherwise, platforms such as YouTube are designed to create discourse and community. Make sure to reply to any users commenting on your videos, especially if they’re actively asking questions. Live streams are also brilliant for generating conversation, with a live chat box for users to engage. If you’re going to be a success on YouTube, building a loyal following through regular communication is key.


To put it simply – if you’re bland, you’re going to be ignored. Customising your YouTube channel layout with a banner, introductory video and description will help your audience get a clearer idea of what you’re about. Make sure everything fits with your brand image and make it obvious what sort of content you’ll be making. Organising your videos into playlists is a great way of organising the layout of the channel too. Put the bells and whistles on your channel and you’ll convince even more users to click the subscribe button.

If you follow our tips, your YouTube channel will be hitting the trending tab in no time at all. Make sure to focus on the four Cs to really get the most out of the social media giant: consistency, connectivity, communication and customisation.

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